Integrated Home Improvement Products

Today both residential and business security solutions often require the integration of audio, video, lighting and/or environmental controls. Security First Alarm King works with numerous commercial and residential designers and builder to deliver systems solutions that address the required service level while aligning the system design with the look and feel of the home or office environment.

Whether you’re building a new home, a commercial business facility, opening a new office or simply updating or remodeling, Security First Alarm King can assist in determining the right combination of systems, control, integration requirements and service level that align in your best interest. And Security First Alarm King’s years of experience in systems design and installation means you can count on the experts.

Central Vacuum Systems
Installing a central vacuum system is a healthier way to maintain your new home and a great value for new home buyers. The benefits and the convenience have been proven. Many homebuyers believe that a central vacuum system is a luxury item. Security First Alarm King prices central vacuum systems competitively and will provide an estimate up front as well as complete the installation. A central vacuum consists of a power unit installed out of sight, typically in the garage with easy to store and use hose and attachments. Combine these benefits with convenience; quieter operations, healthier indoor air quality and enhanced filtration system, increased home value and the advantages are clear. Call Security First Alarm King for your free estimate.

Intercom Systems
Depending on your specific needs or wants, an intercom system can enhance security and convenience at every entry of your home or business. Speakers at your doors provide the capability of answering the door from the master or any remote station control in your home. Instead of running for the door, you can easily and safely screen visitors from wherever you are in your home. Additional features include a built in AM/FM radio and CD player making it easy to enjoy great sounding audio from any remote speaker in your house. Remote stations and controls used throughout your home are available in colors, sizes and styles for both indoor and outdoor sue. Call Security First Alarm King for your free estimate.


Trusted Partners

Through the years, Security First Alarm King has earned and developed many trusted relationship with vendors, both locally and globally. We take pride in our track record for providing our customers with reliable service and sophisticated, state of the art products. Together, we can comfortably assure our customers that their security and accessibility to advanced home automation will be implemented at the most competent levels available.