Good Practices

Your alarm system should be tested at least once a month to ensure the Security First Alarm King monitoring station receives signals and is in good working order. Call (888) 766-2479 and let our customer service representative know you want to test your security system, have your pass code available to verify your identity and we will walk you through the process.

Avoiding false alarms will prevent the police department from responding to an alarm signal unnecessarily. The most common reasons for false alarms are doors or windows that are not securely loc ked or shut tight, visitors entering the home without the knowledge you have an alarm system, and items such as balloons or other holiday décor moving in front of motion detectors.

If you are notified of an alarm signal, check with other family members to make sure there is not a true emergency. Those who have access to your home or have a key should know how to use your alarm system and need to be familiar with the false alarm verification process. In the event your alarm is activated accidentally, disarm your system using your key pad pass code.

New Products

Cellular Back Up Radio

Want to eliminate monthly bills? Consider canceling your home phone line, most of us have cell phones these days for phone service. Security First Alarm King will install a cellular back up radio that will be an independent communicator for your alarm system. The cellular back up radio can also be used as an added protection against phone line cuts when used along with your land line. This radio should also be used if your phone service is a VoIP provider or digital through your cable company.

Total Connect Services

Ever left home and couldn’t remember if you set your alarm system? Total Connect Services will allow you to arm or disarm your security system remotely using your smart phone or personal computer. At the heart of Total Connect is the unique virtual keypad. Stay connected even when you’re not at home or at the office and receive text messages when any alarm activity occurs.

User Guides

Download the Vista 20P/15P User Guide

Download the Vista 21IP User Guide

Trusted Partners

Through the years, Security First Alarm King has earned and developed many trusted relationship with vendors, both locally and globally. We take pride in our track record for providing our customers with reliable service and sophisticated, state of the art products. Together, we can comfortably assure our customers that their security and accessibility to advanced home automation will be implemented at the most competent levels available.