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Employee-Owned: The Value of Participation

Employee ownership is a business model where the employees own a significant portion of a company’s shares or are the sole owners of the business. And a 100% employee-owned business is one where the workers are the shareholders, and therefore have a say in the company’s decision-making.

Beginning with an act of Congress in 1974, employee-owned businesses have grown steadily in popularity over the last 50 years. There are a few different models but all of them share the basic structure of the employees benefitting when the company does well, not just the owners and top management. There are more than 6,000 employee-owned companies in the United States today and about 14 million US workers currently take part in an employee ownership program.

What Are the Employee Benefits?

There are many benefits for workers under this ownership model. An employee-ownership model creates better-quality jobs, with higher wages, and greater job retention. And all this makes for happier, more secure workers and greater financial security. Companies see increased innovation, better workplace performance, and increased productivity as a whole.

Employee-owned companies grow faster and have workers that place a higher value on teamwork and shared success. That’s because when employees have a stake in their company, they know that their performance might affect its value. This creates a shared motivation to do the best possible job for the customer and this directly impacts the employee’s productivity and overall client satisfaction.

What Are the Customer Benefits?

  • Better customer service – Because employees working within this model have more of a vested interest in the company as a whole, their work, the success of the company, and most importantly, the satisfaction of their customers is of a higher priority than you might find elsewhere. When you work with a company that’s employee-owned, you’ll likely receive elevated service, because employees in an employee-owned company just care more.
  • Better knowledge of products and services – Another benefit of a company owned by its employees is that because of improved worker retention, there are far fewer new or inexperienced workers. This increased experience and knowledge results in increased customer confidence and satisfaction.
  • Better long-term relationships with customers and suppliers – Because of the nature of an employee-owned business, it lends itself to business continuity and so relationships with customers and suppliers are more likely to remain constant over time. This leads to more long-term relationships and more success and customer contentment.

Employee-Owned, Customer Loved

When you’re looking for a security installation company to team with, seriously consider one that is employee-owned and operated. Employee-owned businesses often have a much more personal approach to customer service. Because employees are directly invested in the success of the company, they are more likely to develop personal relationships with customers. This can result in a more personalized approach to service, which is especially important in industries where customer relationships are key. Customers can be confident that they are working with a company that is committed to their success and has a direct stake in providing excellent service.


Security First Alarm King | Commercial Security in Fresno, CA

At Security First Alarm King, we are locally owned and operated and are passionate about security and helping our community. And in 2020 we continued our investment in our community and the people who live here by becoming a 100% employee-owned company. 

Call Security First Alarm King and see how we can help you with your residential and business security needs. Call for a free consultation today at 559-734-776.



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