Video surveillance for business as operations tool

Top Advantages of Video Surveillance as a Business Operations Tool

When considering the advantages of video surveillance in the workplace, most people think of its obvious benefits in managing risks and reducing criminal activities. However, video surveillance can provide several critical non-security advantages, which can help make a clear case for video surveillance and professional monitoring implementation.

Improving Customer Experience

Heat mapping can be used in retail or hospitality applications to show customers’ paths and where they lingered longest. The technology can also alert management when checkout lines get long to ensure a positive customer experience.

Improving and Ensuring Compliance 

All industries have compliance issues to manage. Video surveillance backed by analytics and monitoring can help meet these needs by identifying personal protective equipment violations, people in places they should not be, and more. High-resolution cameras also address compliance with rules and regulations, especially in construction, hospitality, food service, manufacturing, or pharmaceutical production. 

Better Processes

Video surveillance technologies can also help significantly improve processes. Managers can identify inefficient processes or procedures that must be implemented to improve productivity, safety, and customer care. In warehousing, analytics continually evaluate and assess stocking operations, when more products or other goods must be ordered, or even alert when a distribution line process has failed or gone awry.

Increased Profits

The cumulative effect of the advantages of video surveillance, such as improved productivity and decreased theft, has been proven to increase business profits. For example, a Bloomberg Business study of the effects of surveillance at 392 restaurants showed that the presence of video surveillance decreased theft by 22 percent and increased profit by 7 percent. 

Improved Safety

Improved visibility means better oversight. This helps improve adherence to safety standards and regulations, which means fewer accidents and injuries. 

Reduced Need for Onsite Guards

Monitored video surveillance services such as Live Remote Guarding can help cover more areas of a business while reducing the need for onsite guards. This is especially beneficial at night when the risks to onsite guards are increased.

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