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When is it Time To Upgrade a Business Security System?

Many people wonder if there is a specific guideline as to when to upgrade a business security system. After all, there are many variables and determining factors. One of the most important things to understand is that a system upgrade does not necessarily mean a system overhaul. Even more surprising is that the sooner you consider necessary upgrades, the more economically it can be done. 

Security systems are an investment.  Naturally, every business wants to get as much as it can from its system and keep them for as long as they serve its needs well. No security technology solution, however, is meant to serve an organization’s needs indefinitely. 

Here’s why:

  • The physical layout of the building may have changed over time. This necessitates a change in the set of the security system.
  • The assets on the property could have changed.
  • There may be more or fewer employees.
  • You may be getting increased customers.
  • Area crimes can change or increase.
  • The current system does not provide services beyond pure security.

Signs it is Time to Upgrade Your Commercial Security System

Not only do security technologies advance but security integrations are also designed to meet the needs of the commercial property at the time of installation. Given these factors, there comes a time when an old system is no longer serving your needs and may only be providing a false sense of security.

Here are the top 4 signs it is time to talk to a security integrator about your options.

The Business has Grown or Changed

Changes in the business can also indicate a need to upgrade the security system. A change in the type or number of assets increased traffic, or customers can all mean increased needs. These might include additional layers of security, more or upgraded video surveillance cameras or access control to help manage additional employees or extended hours.

The Technologies are Outdated

If you are holding on to technologies that are five or more years old, there are likely newer and more powerful commercial security technologies available to replace or supplement your existing system.

Security Threats and Risks Have Grown

If your business has been victimized by shoplifting, theft, fraud, vandalism, or other crimes, there is likely a gap in security that could be solved with updated technologies.

The System Isn’t Providing Non-Security Value

With so many advances, business security systems can provide much more than pure security. Advanced systems can provide remote access, business insights, and improved operations. Today, businesses can use these technologies to monitor their operations to help improve processes, generate access reports, gain customer insights, and so much more.

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There may not be an absolute timeframe for a security upgrade, but there are definite indicators it s time to talk to a security professional. A commercial security integrator can help identify security gaps and recommend various solutions.

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